Inspired to do your first Tough Mudder? Use my Tough Mudder discount code BRANDUK8727 for a 30% discount off the current ticket price.
Valid for first timers only in UK, Germany, USA & Canada on Classic & 5km 2019 races.

Tough Mudder Discount code for 2019

As a Tough Mudder ambassador, my role is two-fold:

  • Help participants at events
  • Get more people trying out Tough Mudder for the first time

This is why I have been given a Tough Mudder Discount Code for 2019 races which can be used for “Classic” or 5km races in the UK, USA and Germany.

Use the code BRANDUK8727 at checkout for 30% off

Please note, this Tough Mudder discount code cannot be used by Legionnaires (sorry folks) and cannot be used for Tougher, Toughest or World Toughest Mudder events either.

Check out the events section at Tough Mudder – there are events all over the UK, USA and Germany so I am sure there is one that will fit your schedule. With awesome obstacles like Arctic Enema, Mudderhorn and BlockNess, how can you not try a Tough Mudder?
Whilst I am at most of the UK season and also at NRW, Germany – check out where I am on my Race Calendar, happy to run with you if you want!

Do it for the profile photos!