As you can tell I love Obstacle Races, Road Races, Trail Races – any race really. Here is my Race Calendar for 2019 and reviews of past races. Hopefully you will be at one of them and we can get to say “Hi”. Race links go to that race review blog post. You can also follow me on Strava

Upcoming 2019 races
  • Asics On The Track 10km (February)
  • Angelsey Half Marathon (March)
  • Chester 10km (March)
  • Stafford Half Marathon (March)
  • Tough Mudder 5km in the City, London (April)
  • Newcastle 10km (April)
  • Tough Mudder London West (April)
  • Hamburg Half Marathon (April)
  • Tough Mudder Midlands (May)
  • Nuclear Oblivion (May)
  • Tough Mudder NRW, Germany (June)
  • Tough Mudder Scotland (June)
  • Tough Mudder London North (July)
  • Spartan Race, Marston Lodge (July)
  • Tough Mudder Yorkshire (July)
  • Tough Mudder South West (August)
  • Newark Half Marathon (August)
  • Overload, Derby (August)
  • Toughest Race, Oslo (August)
  • Tough Mudder North West (September)
  • Tough Mudder London South (September)
  • Spartan Stadion London (TBC, November)
Past races 2019
  • Tatton 10km (January)
Past races 2018
Past races 2017