Obstacle Course Racing is a dangerous sport; running, wading through mud, climbing over walls, dancing over tyres and hanging from rigs. For the odd one or two races, insurance isn’t necessarily required, but if you’re racing as often as I am (35+ races this year) then Obstacle Course Race Insurance protection is a good safety net to have.

Sports Cover Direct do different types of insurance for Sports Activities and specifically covers OCR dependent on your needs. Take a look at the descriptions below and follow the links for great deals (PLUS an extra 10% discount) on insurance to cover your Obstacle Course Racing!

Use the links and get an additional 10% discount on your insurance policy cost. Note, I do receive a small commission on any sales made – this helps me keep the blog running!

I have already protected myself with Sports Cover Direct and their Sports Personal Accident Insurance – meaning should I be injured in OCR and a variety of other sports, I will be covered for private medical bills as well as salary protection (to the tune of 75% of my monthly earnings) for 6 months. This cost me around £90 for the year.

Additionally I have used their Activity Top-up insurance for my Toughest Race in Amsterdam and have also covered myself for my other European Races this year. It works out around £9 for each day of racing. This insurance covers me specifically whilst racing, as my normal travel insurance doesn’t cover OCR. If you’re travelling overseas for an Obstacle Race, it’s really worth checking your Insurance policy to see if OCR and obstacle course racing specifically is covered.

Sports Travel Insurance

Sports Travel insurance will provide cover for the whole time that you are on a trip away from home. It will cover you for any general travel issues, plus any issues related to the chosen sport(s). Cover is provided for your chosen sport, plus all other sports in the same sports group or lower groups. Policies can be Single trip or Annual multi-trip – Annual policies allow multiple single trips of up to 90 days each. There are 3 levels of cover available to choose from which allow you to select how much cover you require for cancellation, baggage, sports equipment etc.

Activity TopUp Insurance

If you already have general travel insurance in place, but it does not include cover for your chosen sport(s) / activity(s), Activity TopUp will provide that cover. You only need to take out cover for the day(s) that you will be doing the selected activity. This can be taken out after you have left the UK / Ireland.

Sports Personal Accident Insurance

This policy is designed to offer Sports Accident cover to individuals who participate in sports / leisure activities. It will provide personal accident cover for the chosen sport(s) plus all other sports in the same group and lower groups. Benefits include personal accident, broken bone payments, accidental death, and personal liability and there is the option to include loss of earnings cover. Three levels of cover are available and policies can be single day, multiple days or annual. This policy is not intended for use as Travel insurance as it does not include any cover for medical expenses abroad or repatriation.

Race safe and hopefully you will never need to actually claim on your insurance.